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Basic reliability course

Basic reliability course

It’s no secret that in technical universities, basic reliability course is either completely absent or it is there, but it is short and often incomprehensible for students. For example, when I was a student of MAI, it turned out that course on the theory of probability (which built the theory of reliability) we have in the second education year, and the course on reliability — two years later, at the end of the fourth course. Is it correct or not — I do not know, but since these two years we did not use knowledge on the theory of probability, everything was forgotten and the course on reliability for many students useless.

Unfortunately, this leads to the fact that there are many engineers who have very vague ideas about reliability, many perceive reliability as a kind of mythical or occult discipline. But this is not so! Reliability is the most important property of a technical product or system. No matter how wonderful the product is, if it is unreliable, it is useless! And every engineer should have a minimal understanding of the reliability and methods of its providing, methods to increase the reliability of technical devices.

New challenge

I wanted to somehow fix this situation. Therefore, I decided to make my own basic reliability course, which will help a technical specialist get the fundamental foundations on this subject or refresh old knowledge.

My course describes the most important tasks associated with the analysis of reliability.

After completing the course you will:

• Learn what is the reliability of the system;
• Learn what is the failure curve and its impact on reliability analysis;
• Learn how to calculate the reliability of the system for serial and parallel element connections;
• Understand six key ways to improve system reliability;
• Learn the key standards that describe reliability;
• Understand that reliability is not an occult science;
• Know about reliability more than 97% of the world’s population.

I realize that the course is not ideal, there may be mistakes in it. I constantly improve the course. The author would be grateful for all comments and feedback on this course. Good luck!

Download. Reliability course. 4 MB. PDF

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